A City Farm

Cleveland and Jeffery’s cottage home and garden make you feel as though you are 100 miles from the city in rural Georgia. Growing up on a North Georgia farm, Cleveland has merged the old farm feel with an English garden setting in his small neighborhood just a few miles from midtown Atlanta.

If you walk out of the back screened in porch and follow the meandering gravel paths through the boxwoods, viburnum, and climbing roses you wind up in front of an amazing structure, an old garden shed that Cleveland converted to a chicken coop. I will give you a tour of his garden another day; it is so amazing it deserves its own blog posting.

Anytime I stop by the house I am always sent home with a basket of fresh eggs. If you have never had eggs right off the farm then you don’t know what you’re missing. The golden yolks and rich flavor are unbelievable! I have created a few recipes using Cleveland’s fresh eggs and can’t wait until my chicks are old enough to lay their own.

Egg Recipes:


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