Welcome to my new website

I was born and raised in Reynolds, Georgia and spent my childhood playing with our dogs, running around in the woods, and helping out on local farms —from boiling peanuts to selling peaches at a roadside stand at the end of our driveway.

I grew to cherish all the South has to offer from delicious foods, to local growers, to unique characters full of stories. Today I love taking traditional, Southern foods, lightening them up a bit, and giving each recipe a unique touch. Of course, my love of cooking came from my mom and grandmother and I can’t wait to share it all with you. Stay tuned for my online cooking videos and weekly blog updates on simple, fresh recipes, local farms, and unique places to see throughout the South.

My new site is launching at a perfect time of year – Summer. My husband and I just finished planting the garden and summer is well on its way here in Georgia. On Sunday, I stopped at a farmer’s stand in Greensboro, Georgia and sampled my first tasting of the summer crops. Silver queen corn, lady peas, peaches, and fresh tomatoes loaded my basket (and of course some boiled peanuts for the road). All I could think about was all the fabulous recipes we can all start cooking this summer!

Some of my favorite recipes to kick start summer:

I am headed to Fort Valley, Georgia this week to teach a class on what else, PEACHES! I’ll take a peek at the Peach Festival and get a tour of our family friends peach packing shed. Stay tuned!


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